At Beaverhead Veterinary Clinic, we provide up-to-date medical and surgical care for our beef
and dairy clients.  Our goal is to provide quality care for your animals in order to promote
profitability for your dairy or beef farm.  We do this through preventative health care, complete
vaccination protocols,  and animal health management.
 We work one-on-one with all members
of your management team to ensure that your cattle are receiving the best nutrition, housing and
health care for your situation.  

2372 Highway 278                                           (406) 683-9397   Phone               
Dillon, MT 59725                                             (406) 683-3660   fax

Large Animal Services include:

-  Bovine Medicine

-  Bovine Surgery

-  Herd Health Consultation including Nutrition, Mastitis,
and Reproductive care and services.

-  Routine Vaccinations

-  Client Education opportuinites including vaccination  
protocols and quality assurance training

- Pulmonary Arterial Pressure (PAP) testing

- Bull Soundness Exams

- Heifer Spaying