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Equine Services Include:

   *  Basic Lameness Exams

   *  Pre-purchase Exams

   *  Reproductive Work

   *  Routine Vaccinations

   *  Radiographs & Ultrasound

   *  Routine Dentistry
PowerFloat technology

   *  Emergency Care
Please call (406) 683-9397 or e-mail us
with any questions or requests regarding
equine care and services. We'll be happy to
assist you in any way we can
Equine Care Tips

Stay current with vaccinations: There is a new 4-way vaccination available
that includes West Nile, Tetanus, and Eastern and Western Encephalitis.
This is a core vaccination that should be done every Spring.

If your horse or horses go to many shows or are around other horses,
vaccinate with Rhino/Flu Combination Shot. This shot should be give
annually, every Spring.

Older horses, 10 years or older, should have an oral exam to have their
teeth checked.

Parasite control is VERY important: Make routine de-wormings a top
priority for the Spring and Fall seasons. If your horse is exposed to other
horses throughout the year, de-worming should be done on a quarterly basis.
 We recommend performing a fecal
on your horses at least once a year to ensure that your de-worming program is working for you.